Back in 2009 this was said by our then finance minister Trevour Manuel that we need to look into the importance of mathematics to pupils. I am one who believe that match and Science are very important subjects that we need to focus on in our schools.

I would like to take time and also express that in focusing on maths and Science at schools we should also not forget other subjects that get sidelined when talks about the students future career is mentioned. like Art , Design , Dramatic Arts , Geography, story, etc. These are often not looked at with focus in getting the qualified teachers to help guide the students into the tight career paths on them.

We all know the great benefits that maths and Science will give the future of our pupils. this information should be listed out more clearly though in terms of making sure it gets to the right interested students who are aware of their character and how they learn.

As I see it we need to be sure that we not only offer the right subjects for the students but that we have the correct people who are passionate about sharing and teaching this information to our pupils. The one biggest shortcoming on this is the remuneration that our teachers are getting in South Africa, and we as a country can do something about this. We need to start a movement promoting better treatment of the teachers who love and do their jobs and Cleaning out the teachers who are there as temporary workers waiting for a better Job. its not helping the students or the Education system. So we need to unite against this problem and find a solution for it ASAP.

Author: qwezzy


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