Project Summary

S’gela is a township slang word for School. Since the focus of this project is getting previously disadvantaged schools online, we felt the name of the project should be familiar to the majority of the intended users for the website. All schools or organization need a Website in today’s technology age. This is a useful platform to have to archive many things for the institute.
This project is headed by young South African citizens who saw the need to give back to the schools that made them to be part of South Africa’s work force. With so many school Pupils leaving schools year after year it is only right that a project like this is in place to make sure the system that is providing these resources is looked after and well maintained.
Who Should Connect?
South Africans want to connect to their schools. On a survey we conducted we found that more than 90% of the responses were for past pupils wanting to connect to their past schools.
They want to let their world know of the great produces/products of their schools South Africans would love to share and give advice on issues that need public engagement past pupils (Alumni class) would like to keep up with the school’s activities in order to help out where they can
What impact did the teachers have on past pupil’s lives
most question that we got was “How do we help and get involved?”
South African want to raise school profiles and show off the schools with pride

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